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  • Food ingredients that reduce excessive mucus production

    Dealing with common cold and flu can often get tiresome, mostly because of the presence of excessive mucus in the body. Usually mucus is present in our body in a healthy quantity, and its primary job is to protect your body from infections. But an overproduction of mucus in the lungs can happen because of bacterial infections or some malfunction in the lungs. This can result in congestion, stuffed nose, and inconvenience while breathing or swallowing. If you are dealing with a viral cold or flu then you should definitely maintain a stringent diet regime for a few days.

    If you are wondering about what kind of diet you should follow, then here are some of the food elements that you should include in your plan.
    Ginger If you are experiencing any inflammation in your lungs, then have some ginger to relieve it. Include this element in warm fluids like tea, broths, or soups. Apart from reducing international swelling, ginger also strengthens the overall immunity of your body.

    Chicken soup Grandma’s first choice, a bowl of hot chicken soup can help you clear your irritated throat and lungs. The warm soup will help in thinning mucus in your body, gradually soothing your internal organs. Make sure that you avoid a canned chicken soup product, as a soup prepared at home will be more effective in healing you.

    Onions Onion is a brilliant anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial food element that helps the lungs to successfully expel the overproduced mucus. You can make a tonic using onion and sugar, or include in your meals. You can also make use of an onion as an inhalator.

    Herbal teas If you are a tea connoisseur, it’s time that you put it into some good use. Regularly having a cup of herbal tea can calms down the lungs and reduces your tendency of coughing up mucus excessively. Including flavors in your tea like ginger, lemon, honey, clove, peppermint, chamomile, etc. can subdue your cold.

    Spicy food Spicy food helps breakdown the mucus in your lungs at a faster rate. You can relish spicy chilies or sauces in your meals. Just ensure that you don’t overdo this process. Only have small portions of these hot elements until you gain some relief.

    It would be great if all your meals are prepared at home. Along with the above-mentioned ingredients, have plenty of fresh greens, vegetables, and fruits. Remember to stay hydrated and get an adequate amount of sleep as well. Make sure that your anti-mucus diet plan excludes all milk products, chocolates, oily/fried food, refined sugars, bananas, oranges, alcohol, and red meat.

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  • Your guide to buying a Michael Kors bag

    Popular among women all across the world, the Michael Kors bag is a prized possessions that all girls want to own. Stars like Nicole Kidman and Angelina Jolie are often flaunting these bags to red carpet ceremonies.

    Some designs feature 18-carat gold jewelry patterns which are more expensive. However, there are many elegant designs within an affordable range.

    What To Consider While Choosing A Michael Kors Bag
    When you are shopping for Michael Kors handbags, you should be aware of some of its best selling designs and the materials that they are made of. You should also consider the guidelines and instructions to determine whether or not you will be able to take care of your possession.

    Signature designs of the Michael Kors handbags
    There are different signature Michael Kors handbags models. These cover everything right from totes to shoulder bags to satchels to clutches. Some of these designs have become classics which have given birth to other range of designs and styles. The python tote is one of the most bold creations which caters to the needs and preferences of the modern working woman.

    Materials that last
    The premium quality material of the bags has immensely contributed to the ever-growing popularity of these items. Suede, leather, natural metallic saffiano, snake-skin leather; each is a sign of the class of the Michael Kors collection.

    A large leather collection
    You can get your Michael Kors bag in three types of leather – python leather, distressed leather and plain leather. The traditional leather tanning methods give a spellbinding texture and feel to the MK handbags. If you possess one, you will see it gradually ageing which will add a subtle shade to the existing color of the handbag.

    Metallic saffiano for an elegant you
    The metallic foil gives a special texture to the Michael Kors handbags. The unique process of manufacturing provides a delicate look and you must take care of this bag very diligently.

    Other materials
    If you don’t want to add a leather bag to your collection, you are free to opt for handbags made of denim, suede, fur and fabric among others. Every material is extremely durable. A range of treatments make the Michael Kors cross-body bag stain and water resistant.

    A general rule of thumb is that Michael Kors handbags should not get prolonged sun exposure, humidity and heat. You should make sure to use the Michael Kors rain and stain-repellent to steer clear of dirt and debris related issues.

    These few tips and guidelines will definitely assist you choose and keep up one of the finest Michael Kors handbags available.

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