• 3 advantages of DC power over AC

    There are two types of power supplies: Direct Current (DC) and Alternating Current (AC). Both have their share of pros and cons in how they are made and how they can be utilized. The prime advantage of AC power is that it is relatively easy to transport over a distance. That said, it doesn’t do much good for an independent power plant as the electricity doesn’t move very far to reach where it’s used. In their case, DC power has the upper hand.
    This article highlights the advantages of DC power supplies over AC for independent power plants.

    Storing electricity
    The prime benefit of DC power is that it is relatively easier to store than AC power, especially on a smaller scale. Hybrid independent power plants store electricity for later use. Storing electricity increases its density, so you can take as much power as needed for operating high-powered equipment.
    Storing electricity also enables you to turn off the generator, which can aid fuel conservation. Consequently, electricity will be used only when renewable sources of energy are unable to provide it. You can use rechargeable storage batteries for storing electrical energy for small-scale applications. This stored electricity can be conveniently and efficiently retrieved from the storage battery bank as and when required. Storage batteries need DC electricity, so you must generate DC power to enjoy the benefits of storing it.

    Providing AC mains electricity
    A majority of the equipment we use is designed to run on mains-style electricity or AC power, so we have to provide it. Over here, a major benefit of DC power supplies is that independent power plants can produce mains-style electricity twice as efficiently by using a diesel DC generator and then transforming the DC power to mains-style AC power. Directly generating mains-style AC power using a petrol AC synchronous generator proves to be less efficient.

    Variable engine speed
    An AC synchronous generator has to rotate at one specific speed to regulate the mains-style electricity that it generates. So, it falls short if more power is needed, but the engine cannot be sped up. Similarly, the engine cannot be slowed down if less power is required.
    On the other hand, mains-style electricity’s properties are defined by the DC to AC transformation process, so the DC generator’s rotating speed is immaterial. Additionally, the driving engine of a DC generator can turn at a range of speeds, so it slows down or uses its maximum potential to provide the required amount of power. This also helps save fuel and lower noise.

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  • Understanding AC and DC power supplies

    A power source should not be confused with a power supply. The source is the point of origin of the power or electricity you receive, usually a battery, an outlet, or a generator. Power supplies convert the power from the source into the correct voltage for output, so select one based on its function and your requirements. This article discusses the two main types of power supplies: AC and DC. Understanding the differences between the two and knowing when to use each one will help you make an informed decision while making a purchase.

    What is AC power supply?
    Alternating Current or AC power is the standard electricity format coming from outlets and gets the name from the waveform of the current. To comprehend the AC wave composition, you need to understand that electrical currents are produced by the movement of electrons. As the electrons in an AC wave move in a positive direction, the sinusoidal wave created by the current moves upward. On the other hand, the wave sees a downward drop when the electrons have a negative flow.

    These waves arise from the alternators installed at electrical power plants producing AC power. Inside the alternator, a wire loop continually rotates inside a magnetic field, creating waves of alternating current. The wave-like movement of AC power gives this type of power supply an upper hand over DC power.

    What is DC power supply?
    Direct Current or DC power employs electrons that travel in a straight line. This type of power supply gets its name because of its linear movement, which is in sharp contrast to AC power’s wave-like motion.
    Such current arises from fuel cells, solar cells, batteries, rectifiers that convert AC power to DC, and alternators equipped with commutators that develop direct energy.

    Many electronics require DC power supply since this type is consistent in terms of the voltage delivered. This is why a lot of electronics come with DC power sources as batteries, or they need to convert AC power to DC using a rectifier. Power supplies usually have built-in rectifiers with the transformers. They can help reduce or increase the voltage to the required level.

    Constant voltage is recommended for devices like notebook computers, so you should have an AC-DC power converter if you want to operate these electronics via an outlet. A converter modifies the waveform into a steady, straight line, which helps prevent damage to the device’s components by the highs and lows of AC power.

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  • 3 questions answered about power supplies

    A power supply is an electrical device used to provide electrical supply to electrical loads. For this, it converts the power from an electrical outlet into the requisite current, frequency, and voltage to offer the required load. Power supplies are also called electric power converters, and there are two types: AC and DC power supply. An electrical device may use either one of these based on its electric specifications. Here’s what you need to know about power supplies.

    What do power supplies do, and how do you choose one?
    Power supplies may have to alter the voltage and increase or decrease it, regulate the power, or convert power to direct current. Power supplies can also be connected in series to provide a higher voltage. The function helps you pick the right kind of power supply for your electrical needs, so consider the following things before choosing one:

    • Ensure that the continuous wattage meets your requirements to avoid facing issues when your PC is running a full load.
    • Don’t worry about using more power just because you’re buying a higher-rated power supply.
    • A power supply loaded with additional features will cost you more than you probably need to spend, but choosing a device that doesn’t have the necessary features can damage the devices you power with it.

    What is a power supply circuit?
    Power supply circuits are utilized in several electronic and electrical devices, and they are divided into different types depending on the power utilized to provide for devices or circuits.
    For example, microcontroller-based circuits are usually 5V DC Regulated Power Supply (RPS) circuits. These are crafted using a method to change the power supply from 230V AC to 5V DC.
    Here’s how the conversion from 230V AC to 12V DC happens:

    • A step-down transformer is utilized to convert the 230V AC into 12V
    • A bridge rectifier is employed to change AC power to DC power
    • A capacitor is utilized to filter the AC ripples and provide it to the voltage regulator
    • The voltage regulator regulates the voltage to 5V, and a blocking diode is utilized to take the pulsating waveform

    Who needs power supplies?
    Anybody using electricity will require power supplies. The type of supply you need depends on whether you use DC-DC converters or AC-DC converters and whether you need regulated or unregulated power. Additionally, it’s advisable to check your power supply’s efficiency as it can help cut down on costs.

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  • Top 3 manufacturers of tattoo inks

    Tattoos are a style statement. They are eye-catching and can grab anyone’s attention. They can be of any kind, ranging from detailed caricatures or sketches to simple symbols. Today, the tattoo industry is on the rise. This has resulted in an increase in the number of tattoo artists. If you are a creative tattoo-making artist and are looking for ink tattoo supplies, then here are a few that you should know about:

    World Famous Tattoo Ink
    World Famous Tattoo Ink is a reputed manufacturer of ink tattoo supplies. It has been in the business for more than 50 years. It produces superior-quality tattoo inks with solid viscosity. Some of the most sought-after tattoo-making artists around the globe have backed World Famous Tattoo Ink. World Famous Tattoo Ink claims to offer some of the finest vegan tattoo inks available in the market. The inks are not tested on animals and are non-toxic. Therefore, they are safer for the skin and are a favorite among several tattoo shops worldwide.

    Solid Ink
    If you are looking for a company that offers cruelty-free and vegan tattoo inks, then you can consider Solid Ink. This venture is created by tattooers for like-minded professionals. The inks are made of the best-quality ingredients, and are safe and natural. Solid Ink has a large network of distributors in various states across the country. Some of these include Coalition Tattoo Supply in Washington, Alliance Tattoo Supply in Virginia, Higher Level in Texas, Bicknee in Ohio, Beacon Tattoo Supply in Nevada, and CroMag Tattoo Supply in Missouri.

    Intenze Tattoo Ink
    Intenze claims to be the first company in the industry to operate a certified facility. It is one of the most preferred choices among many tattoo artists worldwide. Along with the other two manufacturers mentioned in this list, the inks produced by Intenze are cruelty-free and vegan. Once the inks are manufactured, they sterilize them through a gamma radiation procedure. The company’s objective behind this process is to provide tattoo artists with the safest inks. Intenze is also quite particular when it comes to its quality control.

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  • What you should know before buying prayer beads

    Prayers beads are spiritual tools that have been in existence for thousands of years. Two of the oldest origins of these beads are India and Nepal, the two places in the world that have been practicing meditation for the longest time. However, now monk prayer beads can be found across the world.

    Purpose of prayer beads
    Several people use prayer beads to attain some peace and calm in their everyday lives. Malas made out of these beads are used while meditating and during prayers. Even novices who do not have much experience or knowledge about religion or spirituality can meditate using prayer beads.

    Each mala contains a set number of beads (usually 108). These beads represent spiritual identity and connection with the universe. During meditation, every movement of the bead represents one chant or breath taken. This process helps in keeping your mind focused and creates positive energy.

    What are prayer beads made of?

    Traditionally, prayer beads are made using wood, plant seed, and other similar organic materials, which are shaped or carved into a round form. Rudraksha seeds were originally used to make these beads, as they were known to possess spiritual and healing power. In the same way, Bodhi seeds are also sacred (the term “bodhi” refers to enlightenment”.)

    In Tibetan culture, monk prayer beads made from carved bone are a common sight, and they stand for compassion and impermanence. Prayer beads made from wood can be chosen if you want to create a spiritual connection with Earth. During meditation, wooden beads promote mindfulness and grounding energy.

    How to meditate with prayer beads

    You do not need to gain full knowledge of prayers and rituals in order to meditate holding prayer beads. Just clear your mind of all thoughts and sit peacefully for around 15 minutes. Gently hold the mala in your hand. You will notice that one bead is larger than all others. This bead is called the guru bead. Use your thumb and index finger to lightly hold the bead next to the guru bead. Slowly, move the beads through your fingertips while chanting the spiritual verses, prayer, or mantra. When you reach the guru bead, it indicates the completion of one full cycle. Following this, when you feel ready, slowly phase out of meditation by sitting in peace for a few minutes.

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  • Top stones used for prayer beads

    Since the name of a deity or prayer is repeated several times, prayer beads act as tools that help you keep a count of these chants. Monk prayer beads help you improve your focus during spiritual practices. Depending on their properties and specific purpose, there are several types of beads used in each mala. Some of them are as follows:

    This stone is known to balance your intellectual, emotional, and physical well-being. It is the bead of contentment and spirituality.

    This stone is known to uplift your spirits. It also fulfills your wish to live a longer and more successful life.

    Moonstone focuses on reflection, introspection, and balance. It can help you handle your spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental well-being by understanding the highs and lows of life in an effective manner.

    This gem is known to have a peaceful, soothing energy. Not only does it help you gain peace, but it also has healing and protective properties. It is known to help you battle a gamut of physical ailments.

    Garnet improves your creative energy and internal fire. It can also help you gain a renewed energy for life and deal with abandonment and belonging issues.

    This stone empowers you to take ownership of your actions. It guides you spiritually and keeps negative energies away.

    Lapis lazuli
    Lapis lazuli is known to give mental endurance, clarity, and mental objectivity. It helps you manage your emotions more efficiently.

    Tiger eye
    This stone can give you clarity and help you find sense in scattered thoughts. It can make you grounded and practical.

    Once you understand the effects of each stone, you can choose the right beads that match your personality and needs. While choosing a bead, you may be more inclined to buy a particular bead, because its energy attracts you. A major part of choosing the right mala bead is using your intuition. So tap into that gut feeling while buying these beads for yourself. You can also use these beads in bracelets instead of opting for full-length malas. These bracelets can be worn around your wrist so that you can easily use them wherever you go.

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  • 4 benefits of using aluminum wire nuts

    While doing any wiring work, the risks related to electric shock and even explosion loom around. To make things simpler, safer, and more secure, you can always take the help of wire nuts. These are affordable and readily available in the market. Here, we will discuss some advantages of using aluminum wire nuts.

    Simple installation
    One of the benefits of using aluminum wire nuts is that they are easy to install. You will not have to manually join the ends of wires and only install the nuts. All you need to do is put the two ends of wires into the two openings of the connector and then tighten the joint. This process saves you a lot of time. For an even more straightforward installation, you can use circular cable nuts.

    You know exactly what to do
    Aluminum wire nuts have their specifications mentioned right on their bodies. The packaging tells you how many volts an aluminum wire connector will be able to hold. Also, the connectors come with measuring tools to help you splice off the right amount of insulation from the wire. Most nuts also have an opening at the back or top, where you can use the voltage tester to check their electrical connection. Thus, you have all the help you need and would rarely require someone to assist you.

    Aluminum wire nuts act as a protective barrier for different cable connections. When the wires have their ends open, there can be a lot of power or data loss. This can backfire, especially in an industrial scenario. Unless and until connections are not sorted and secured, power or data loss will keep on taking place. And wire nuts can be the measure you are looking for to keep a check on this. Wire nuts, mainly round wire connectors, can provide protection and strength to all kinds of wires.

    Wire nuts or connectors are compact and can easily fit in tight and small spaces. It means you can use them in all kinds of junction boxes and electrical panels to accommodate wires of varying diameters. However, it is advisable to check if an aluminum wire nut can accommodate all types of cables or not.

    Irrespective of what wiring project you have taken in hand, whether you are juggling with wires of appliances in your house or handling the various cables in any electrical component, it is advisable to have aluminum wire nuts handy.

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  • How to choose suitable aluminum wire nuts

    Wire nuts or connectors are often used to secure connections for switches, fixing lights, receptacles, and many other devices. If you are looking to buy these for a wiring project, you have come to the right place. Here is a simple guide on how to choose suitable aluminum wire nuts.

    Size and color matters
    Aluminum wire nuts come in different colors and sizes, and there is no one-size-fits-all. You can tell that a nut is wrong if it is too big or too small to accommodate the wires being connected to it. The packaging of the nuts often has a chart that tells you what color of nut you are supposed to use with which kind of wire. For example, a gray nut may accommodate two 22 gauge stranded wires.

    Consider the environment
    It is essential to understand where the electrical wiring is going to be placed. Sometimes, you may want to use the wires in a hot environment or in a hazardous location where there will be toxic gas or combustible liquids or vapors. In these circumstances, you will have to check if the wire nut has proper insulation, and in case of a hazardous environment, the connector should have a protective shield.

    Strip the wire ends properly
    Before you connect the wire to the connector, you need to strip the tail end. You can use a wire stripping tool for this purpose. While performing this step, keep the connector package handy. The label usually mentions how much of the bare wire you can expose. In most cases, it is approximately 1/2 or 5/8 inches. Exposing too much or too little of the wire can lead to a faulty connection.

    Choose the ideal aluminum wire nut
    Different projects demand different kinds of wire nuts. Twist-on wire connectors are typically used in wiring for ceiling fans, light switches, can lights, and so on. Conversely, winged twist-on connectors are used in large projects where establishing multiple connections is required. They make easy-to-use, fast, and secure electrical connections. Then, there are underground waterproof connectors, which are made of 100 percent sealant. These are used for outdoor pet containment systems, sprinkler systems, and low- voltage outdoor lighting. So choose the right connector based on your requirement.

    Check the connector’s features
    If you are using aluminum wires in an area where there is constant electromagnetic interference, you need wire nuts that can establish a connection undeterred by interference. Furthermore, the aluminum wire nuts will need to have special built-in features for the same.

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  • Aluminum wire nuts offered by reputed brands

    While executing a wiring project or fixing a circuit at home, you have to work with several wires. At such times, you may require wire nuts to twist the wire ends and secure the connection. You can use aluminum wire nuts for this. They ensure easy, fast, and reliable distribution and connection of cables. However, the nuts you choose should be of a trustworthy brand. Here, we list some of the best brands offering aluminum wire nuts.

    King Innovation 95015 AlumiConn Wire Connector
    Priced at around $30 on Amazon, the aluminum wire nuts from King Innovation are one of the most cost-effective ways to repair and sort aluminum wire systems securely. It has two ports that separate the conductor and permit the lug to function at lower temperatures. The best part is that these aluminum wire nuts are approved by the Consumer Product Safety Committee (CPSC). So be assured that the connector is entirely safe.

    Ideal Wire Connectors 30-165 Model 65 Wire Connector
    Ideal’s wire connectors are best suited for all kinds of wiring jobs. Their complete line of connectors includes grounding wire nuts, twist-on wire nuts, push-in wire nuts, and many others. The twist-on wire connector is often used to connect aluminum wires. You will have to pay approximately $79 for a packet of 25 connectors. These connectors can handle a maximum voltage of 600VAC.

    HellermannTayton’s HelaCon Wire Nuts
    You can use HelaCon push-in wire nuts for reliable, fast, and easy connections. The nuts include a large accessible test port positioned at the center of the conductor. They also have color-coded sides, which allow for easy visual verification and identification. The nuts can handle a voltage capacity of up to 450 volts. A quantity of 50 fully insulated HelaCon Plus Mini connectors would cost you approximately $10.45. They support two-wire entries and a wire gauge of 12 to 22 AWG.

    Gardner Bender 19-PCL2 Lever Wire Connector
    At around $8.95, Gardner Bender’s connectors are an excellent option if you are looking for aluminum wire nuts. They can handle stranded or solid wire measuring 14 to 24 AWG. The wire nuts keep connections tight and secured, thanks to the stronger and larger levers that provide easier openings. You can also fit in multiple wire sizes in a single connector.

    These are some of the trustworthy brands that provide aluminum wire nuts. It is advisable to choose wire nuts from companies acclaimed for their quality. Using inferior nuts can cause the connection to fail and even lead to mishaps.

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  • 3 tattoo ink sets to invest in

    Today, tattoos are flaunted with style and they make heads turn. They are quite popular among the newer generations who do not shy from experimenting. As the tattoo industry is booming, many are learning the art of tattoo creation and becoming successful tattoo artists. If you are one of them and are looking for products related to ink tattoo supplies, then we have compiled a list for you. Read on:

    Victor Chil 12 Color Set
    These ink tattoo supplies are vegan and cruelty-free, which means they have not been tested on animals. Additionally, they are tested according to the present regulations. They contain a proprietary mix of all-natural ingredients. These items are hyper-concentrated pigments for optimal color saturation. You can buy this set on Solid Ink for $138. The different colors included in this set range from green and yellow to golden and blue. Upon purchasing this set, you even get a free Victor Chil x Solid Ink t-shirt.

    Millennium Mom’s 14 Bottle Set
    Popularly known as Moms’ Ink, this set from Millennium Mom’s is quite famous among buyers worldwide. Its nuclear UV inks have found a huge following. These ink tattoo supplies are vegan-friendly. This set contains 14 half-ounce bottles, with colors ranging from white and ice blue to brown and magenta.

    The manufacturer pays special attention to quality control. They diligently check every ink for flow rate, color consistency, and pigment life, making sure that each bottle clears these parameters with high standards before being available for sale. The products in this set are created with a high pigment concentration, giving your tattoos a rich, vibrant appearance. Moreover, this set offers value for money if you are looking to purchase in bulk and restock your inventory. This set is available on Amazon for $62.99.

    Intenze 19 Color Tattoo Ink Set
    Intenze produces inks that are 100 percent vegan. Their inks are known to be extremely safe. Their set of 19 half-ounce bottles offers great value for money. All of their inks are manufactured in a certified facility, are sterilized for safety, and go through a thorough quality control process. Some of the colors included in this set are black, orange, light magenta, and red. You can buy the set for $107 on the brand’s official website.

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