• Ideas related to cute world globes

    The globe is a beautiful representation of our planet Earth. Not many know that the traditional globe can be used creatively to teach children about the different continents and countries. So, here are some cute world globe ideas through which one can get to know the world better. Here is a mix of do-it-yourself (DIY) and ready-made ideas related to cute world globes.

    • Old globe on a copper stand marked with chalk
      If you have an old globe that you are planning to discard, you can instead cover the globe with a black ivory sheet, make it stand on a copper wire, and do the necessary marking with the help of chalk.
    • Kidzlane 2-in-interactive globe
      This cute world globe shows our beautiful planet Earth in the day, and in the dark, it transforms into a globe filled with a constellation of stars. Kids can explore continents, cities, and countries as well as natural wonders and constellations of stars in a darkened room.
    • Recycled plastic world globes
      To make recycled cute world globes, you can either buy several colored small globes in plastic material from a store or use the ones that you already have. You can then either hang them on your windows or put them in an open pot. For hanging purposes, you can also use beaded strings.
    • Floral design on a globe
      You can paint your old worn-out globe in black and show your creativity by making some beautiful floral patterns around the globe. If you do not feel like painting or drawing, you can consider sticking some pink or red roses on the globe.
    • Stella Nova political globe
      This four-inch compact and the mini multi-directional globe has over 600 geographical names and is scaled at 1:128 million. It utilizes a swivel and tilt technology with the help of which the globe can be rotated in all directions. The globe is supported by a stable, elegant base. The globe bears a price tag of approximately USD 14.
    • Paper globe
      Have your kids started learning to fill maps? Cute world globes made out of paper can be a great way to make children understand Earth. You can help your kids assemble the paper globe, which would stand eventually on a base made out of wood or plastic. You can leave the continents blank, which kids can fill later.

    Gone are the days when globes were only meant to navigate the world and the residing continents. You can now buy cute world globes that come in several sizes and make or design one and flaunt your creativity.

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  • 6 cute world globes you can purchase

    Cute world globes can be good gift items. There are several variants available in several price ranges that you can choose from. Here is a list of six cute world globes that you can purchase from the market.

    • Forno Floating Globe
      The floating globe from Forno is not just a cute world globe but something that will astonish you. The base contains an electronic control unit and a microprocessor. The spherical Earth contains a magnetic field sensor and an electromagnet. Once the Earth is set afloat, you can blow it gently, and it will start to spin. You can purchase it for around USD 34.
    • Globe Earrings from ABitofSparkleGifts
      For just a little under USD 10, you can buy yourself a pair of cute world globe earrings and flaunt your wanderlust. These measure 25 mm in diameter and are handmade with a lot of care on silver-plated ear wires. These can make a perfect gift item since they come in an organza bag. The detailing on these globes is on point.
    • The Cute Illuminated Antique World Globe
      You can ditch traditional night lamps and replace them with this antique world globe, which would make for a great home décor piece. The globe is 8 inches in diameter, and after it rests on the wooden stand, it reaches a height of 11 inches. It has easy-to-read names, including countries, capitals, continents, US states, and capitals. It bears a price tag of approximately USD 30.
    • Globe Keychain From MissingPiecesStudio
      Key chains are one of the best gifts and souvenirs that your friends or loved ones can forever keep as memoirs. If you have a friend from overseas, this globe keychain can be a very thoughtful gift. It is a replica of the world globe. You can purchase it for USD 13.
    • Kids Cute World Globe Piggy Bank from Beautiful World
      How about being able to teach your kids the art of investing while educating them about the beautiful planet we are living in? This is exactly what the kid’s piggy bank globe from Beautiful View does.
    • Earth Balloon from Yunakesa
      Planning to host a space-themed party? The 22” Earth bubble Balloons from Yunakesa will be the perfect accessory that can accompany other planets. The balloons are made of stretchy, see-through plastic and have a beach ball-like shape.

    Studying or spending time with a globe need not be a serious activity. These cute world globe variants can ignite one’s interest in knowing more about Earth.

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  • Benefits of yard signs

    People use yard signs for various purposes, such as promoting an event or business, real estate listings, and political rallies. Even after technological advances, yard signs can still be seen at various places because they offer many advantages. Read on to know more about these advantages.

    • Easy to set up
      In situations with a time or budget constraint, yard signs are used to market businesses or circulate any piece of information. They can be quickly installed at most locations, which makes them a popular choice with volunteers and various locations. The method of installation depends on the size of the sign. The bigger signs might require a pole. However, this does not mean that the process to set it up is hard. Minimal research is required to display a yard sign.
    • Saves money
      Yard signs are one of the most cost-effective methods of marketing. These signs can be bought and placed at different locations for various purposes. By buying a handful of these cheap signs, you can display the necessary information throughout the city.
    • Withstands for a longer time
      Apart from being cheap signs, they are durable and can withstand different weather conditions like rain and snow. Usually, yard signs are made from corrugated plastic, which is a sturdy, lightweight, and high-quality material. The ink used to write the information can resist fading while being weather resistant.
    • Flexible to use
      If the cheap signs you installed are not giving the desired results, you can just pull them out and shift them to a different location. Yard signs are lightweight and affordable. So, new ones can also be made and put up at different points to get a good response.
    • Customized sizes
      Most yard signs are made in the dimensions of 24”x18”, as this size properly displays information and can be put up at most places. However, a custom size or shape can be helpful at times to add a personalized touch to market your product.
    • Eco-friendly
      Nowadays, yard signs are usually designed to be reusable to avoid wastage. If you do not use these signs regularly, you can use the same yard signs repeatedly. The signs can also be recyclable, so there are no issues even if they are used only once.
    • Possibility of multiple designs
      Various kinds of designs can be showcased on yard signs without adding to the cost of making them.
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  • A guide on yard signs and sizes

    While choosing a yard sign, carefully consider the size as per your need. Sizes can vary, depending on the purpose of the yard sign, such as using it for campaign elections or real estate listings. Read on to know more about yard signs and the appropriate sizes as per your requirement.

    What are yard signs?
    Made from corrugated plastic, yard signs consist of small column-like sections within the sign in a vertical direction, which also is known as vertical fluting. This fluting creates a path through the interior of the sign that is later used to insert wire stakes. This way, you can display the sign after the wires are in the vertical fluting. Following this, the signs can then be easily set up on the lawn or any soft terrain.

    Other materials such as rigid plastic signs or the standard aluminum sign can also be used to make yard signs. However, corrugated plastic is the most commonly used component, as it can create weather-resistant, durable, and cheap signs. Yard signs can be used as directional signs, real estate listings, and slogans for political campaigns, making them multipurpose.

    Size of yard signs
    The purpose of the yard sign determines the size you require. The general dimensions of yard signs are typically 24”x18”. This size adequately displays the information for passers-by and can be used in various locations for different purposes. This also ensures that the sign can be set up easily, as the size matches display options, such as wire stakes and metal frames. You will find many variable versions of a corrugated plastic yard sign, but a standard Coroplast™ sign is 4 mm thick.

    You can use previously used frames and wire stakes with new yard signs. However, make sure that the size of the new signs matches the dimensions of those stakes. Also, if the information has to be displayed at a difficult location where it is not easily visible, opt for a larger-sized sign.

    In the case of metal or aluminum frames, the size of the signs needs to be chosen by matching the size of the insert location in the frame. Political campaigns use the standard size of 24”x18”. However, real estate frames are made at the height of 47” with a 24” standard width. Another distinguishing factor for real estate frames is that they are made of a durable iron frame.

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  • 3 common types of yard signs

    For any purpose, be it an event or business, yard signs add great value to the outcome. Hence, you need to carefully choose from the different kinds of signs available in the market. If you are on a budget, cheap signs are available that can help you market your cause without burning a hole in your pocket. To help you, here are some common types of cheap signs that you can choose as per your need.

    Corrugated plastic yard signs
    These signs are the preferred choice for yard signs that can be used for multiple purposes. They are also known as coroplast or coro. Corrugated plastic yard signs are stable in harsh weather and are durable for a long time. These are cheap signs that you normally see on lawns across the city, in the form of real estate listings or political campaigns.

    The word corrugated refers to channels or flutes in the sign through which you can insert wire stakes for stability. This way, they can be properly placed on any soft terrain such as grass and house yards. The affordability, durability, and the fact that you can easily set it somewhere and as easily remove it without any trouble are major reasons why many people prefer to use corrugated plastic yard signs. Corrugated signs are sturdy and lightweight. So, any damage done to the sign can be quickly taken care of.

    Poly-coated cardboard yard signs
    Also known as fold-over signs, these plastic-coated signs are the traditional choice for political rallies. A waterproof laminate is used on these cardboard signs. However, their core is an opaque, bleached, and white paperboard. The core is built to resist water. Both the sides of the sign are then covered in a plastic film, and the message is printed on one of these sides. You even have a back score, enabling you to easily fold the sign with the edges stapled or glued together. This is called the double-sided fold-over sign. Poly-coated cardboard yard signs are weather-resistant cheap signs, making them appropriate for any low volume requirement of plastic yard signs.

    Polybag yard signs
    These signs are the standard choice for political campaigns and rallies due to their various benefits. These signs can be bought in bulk at an affordable price. They are lightweight and resistant to all kinds of weather. For campaigns, you can just purchase the signs and utilize old yard wires.

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  • 4 creative ways to use a cheap mannequin display

    Mannequins are artificial life-sized dolls often used to display clothing and accessories in stores. They help customers know how exactly an attire will look. While this is the traditional use, there are so many other ways you can use cheap mannequin displays to add some zing to your store or home. Here are some options to consider.

    As a serving platter
    Want to serve beverages, candies, or other snacks to your customers or guests at a house party? Here’s what you can do. Find a cheap mannequin with hands bent and facing forward. Then place a nice tray on the hands to serve food and drinks. Your customers will love this experience. You can also disassemble the doll and use only the lower half for this purpose by balancing the tray on the waist. But always ensure your mannequin is secured to the ground to prevent it from toppling and falling.

    As planters and garden accessories
    This is one of the most popular uses of cheap mannequin displays. Find the head of a mannequin and cut it open at the top. Then add some potting mix and an indoor plant into it. Plants that grow like shrubs look beautiful this way. You can also use the legs of a cheap mannequin as climbers to let vines grow all over them. Or, you can keep a sitting mannequin in your garden area and let climbers, shrubs, bushes, and vines grow around and over it. With time, your mannequin will turn into a part of nature and be an absolute fun addition to your garden space.

    As Halloween decorations
    If you tend to run out of ideas at Halloween, this one’s for you! Find a couple of cheap mannequin displays and convert them into scary Halloween decorations using some cool accessories and makeup tricks. These can be used at home or in your store during the festival season. Give this a try to make your next Halloween party a hit.

    To display photographs
    This is an exciting display option that you can try at your store. For this, you need to use only the bottom half of the mannequin as a display. For the top half, use life-sized photographs of models. The end effect should look like a photograph that has grown legs. Your cheap mannequin displays will look incredibly professional and expensive this way.

    Give all your displays a new life by trying these tricks. Your customers and friends will love and praise your creativity.

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  • 4 benefits of using custom caution tape

    Caution tapes are tapes used to seal off a particular area and prevent people from accessing the space. While you must have seen caution tapes being used by the police, there are so many other places where these tapes are commonly used. Custom caution tape comes with text and logos custom printed on it. Here are the four main benefits of using such custom tapes.

    • Let’s people know who is in charge
      Let’s say you are securing a premise because of certain legal issues surrounding its ownership. Instead of using regular caution tapes that tell people nothing, use custom caution tape where your organization’s name and contact number can be printed. People who are related to the property will find it easier to contact you and get things clarified in case they have queries or doubts.
    • Advertise your brand
      For construction companies that secure properties and areas for repair and maintenance work, a custom caution tape is a great advertising tool. You should make sure your name, company website, contact number, and address are printed on these caution tapes. Neighbors who are in need of the same or similar services will quickly know who to contact on seeing the tapes. Remember that these tapes stay on the premises for weeks together. This is a free advertising opportunity that you should not miss on.
    • Brand awareness
      Let’s assume you are a local brand that does painting jobs in the neighborhood. Every time you take painting work, you can use customized tapes that mention your company’s name. You do this for over a year, and by the end of the year, the name of your company and its association with painting jobs will be in the memory of people. This is a great way to improve your brand’s awareness.
    • Mention warnings clearly
      If you are securing a place because of natural or man-made dangers in the area, then you must let people know what would happen if they trespass. In such cases, printing a custom caution tape with information on the danger is a smart thing to do. This will also help people understand the seriousness behind the caution tape.

    If you are a company that needs to secure areas for work or other kinds of organizations that deal with dangerous situations, consider investing in these tapes instead of regular caution tapes. You can get these custom tapes in different colors and sizes as well.

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  • Types of caution tape

    In factory setups as well as in various other commercial places, there might arise a time when caution tape is required. Whether you use a custom caution tape or something more standard, knowing the difference will help you get the right kind of tape for the purpose. Based on the purpose and the kind of hazard, the tape color and other parameters vary. Read on to know the types of caution tapes in the market.

    Types of barricade tapes

    • Hazard tape: Different color codes are available in hazard tapes for constructional and industrial hazards.
    • Traffic control tape: This is used to block or divert traffic on particular roads.
    • Firefighter tape: In a building where there has been a recent fire accident, firefighter tapes are used to cordon off dangerous sections.
    • Construction tape: This caution tape warns about hazards due to construction work in progress.
    • Police tape: Crime scenes are marked and restricted using this custom caution tape.

    Types of caution tapes based on color codes

    • Fire hazards are usually isolated using red and white-colored tape.
    • Blue and white colored tape is used to cordon off or indicate broken machinery on a factory floor.
    • Simple restrictions like those due to housekeeping are often indicated with black and white tape.
    • All kinds of physically dangerous sections of a building are restricted with black and yellow caution tape.
    • Magenta and yellow-colored tapes are predominantly used to mark and restrict entry to places due to the presence of radiation hazards.
    • Quick traffic control areas are marked with orange and white colored caution tapes.
    • Safety-related isolations or even a spot for first aid might be marked with green and white tape.

    Based on the choice of material

    With all these tapes, you can pick a custom caution tape made using different materials, depending on where the tape will be used. This way, you will get the best ones for indoor and outdoor use.

    • High visibility tapes for brightly lit spaces
    • Biodegradable tapes that are non-toxic
    • Repulpable tapes when you have to avoid plastic
    • Woven tape for strength and durability
    • Reflective tapes for road use to maintain nighttime safety

    When you are sure about the right color codes to follow and the right kind of custom caution tape to buy, you will be able to take timely safety measures in your premises. This will help in avoiding accidents and restrict movement in intended areas.

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  • Places where caution tapes are used

    Caution tapes or warning tapes are used to caution passersby about an area that is possibly dangerous or a threat to life. Hence, undoubtedly, these tapes work as lifesavers in various situations, which may otherwise be catastrophic. Crafted with highly resilient and tear-proof materials, a custom caution tape can be used to block the following places.

    • Slippery stairs
      Adding caution tapes on slippery stairs of an office building or any public space can help prevent someone from falling down the stairs and getting seriously injured. This is especially beneficial when someone is wearing casual shoes without proper traction.
    • Auto garages

    A garage can be the epicenter of various hazardous situations, as vehicles continuously move in and out, carrying water, dust, and debris with them. Putting a strip of custom caution tape may assist caution people in stepping carefully in the garages as otherwise, they may slip or hurt themselves.

    • Foodservice areas
      Cafeterias and food service areas are prone to liquid spillage and kitchen mishaps like fire outbreaks. This is a highly dangerous place for someone not from the team of workers/employees. In the kitchens of the food service areas, where unavoidable problems take place on a regular basis, a tape can be useful for informing outsiders about the potential dangers.
    • Construction job sites
      Putting custom caution tape in construction sites can make it easier to indicate danger to passersby. Construction sites encounter various deaths and injuries on a daily basis, and these warning tapes can prove to be of immense help in reducing such unfortunate incidents.
    • Areas prone to fire outbreaks
      Custom caution tapes are also used by firefighters to restrict an area where a fire outbreak has occurred. This immediate action allows them to control traffic and stop passersby from coming close to an area that is under severe fire and being contained by firefighters.
    • Crime scenes
      Another important place where you find the presence of caution tapes is a crime scene. Law enforcement officials use such tapes to prevent tampering of the evidence in a crime scene and to protect the entire investigation from prying eyes.

    To sum up, a custom caution tape is primarily designed to ensure the safety of the people by restricting dangerous areas. These tapes are easily available and can be installed in any place that you feel is not safe for someone and broadcast the dangers of the specific site.

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  • 4 common types of mailboxes

    A mailbox is a common sight in most houses in the country. The delivery of mail began in the year 1775 and has since come a long way. In 1863, the United States Postal Service (USPS) started its free city delivery service. The process followed was very simple. A postman would ring the bell or knock on your door and hand over your mail. In case no one is home, the mail is left outside.

    Mailboxes make things easier, as all your mails can just be put into them. Mailboxes have changed a lot over the years and now match USPS requirements and convenience. The various kinds of mailboxes now prominent in the country include the following.

    • Wall mount mailboxes
      A wall mount mailbox is fixed on a wall in front of a building or house. These mailboxes are ideal for people that opt for a walk-up mail delivery service. Such mailboxes can easily hold a large amount of mail at a time. These cheap mailboxes are not only easy on the pocket, but also can be locked. So, only those with access to the mailbox can view its content. However, they do not offer an option to put in outgoing mail.
    • Post mount mailboxes
      In postal areas where deliveries are made outside, without the postman visiting the house, post mount mailboxes are installed. These mailboxes are very useful, come with several features, and make it easy for postal workers, as they do not need to knock on each door. However, before opting for this kind of mailbox, make sure that the pole is cemented properly in the ground so that it does not fall over.
    • Mail slots
      These are cheap mailboxes ideal for apartments and smaller houses. You only see this kind of mailbox where the delivery of walk-up mail is zoned. Mail slots offer various advantages. They are simple, economical, convenient for mail delivery, and all your mails and parcels are sent right into your home.
    • Column mount mailbox
      Usually, mailboxes are pictured as long, rectangular-shaped boxes. However, column mailboxes are different. They are flatter recessed mailboxes that are mounted on columns made of stucco, concrete, stone, or brick. They are generally free-standing and give a professional look to your residence. If you choose a column mount mailbox, make sure that it is durable, weather-resistant, and sealed properly, or your mail might get damaged.
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