• Interesting features and facts of keycaps

    A brand-new set of keycaps is probably the best way to spiff up the monotonous mechanical keyboard. Just replacing the set of old, poorly made, and thin ABS keycaps with the new awesomely designed colored keycaps is way better. You’ll need to understand the size of the keycaps needed, what row they sit on, and not to forget the specific layout is a must while purchasing a new set of keycaps. Here are some features of the keycaps.                                                                                                                                          

    Features of keycaps

    The keycap profiles
    The shape of the keycap is known as the keycap profile. You can feel the difference in shape and height of the keycap, although it may seem similar in its top-down view. 


    • Sculpted and uniform keycap profiles
      Sculpted keycap profiles are profiles that have a distinct shape each at a different angle. Uniform keycaps are keys that have the same/uniform shape and size.                                                                                                                                                   

    Various production methods
    Various production methods affect the colored keycaps choices, their quality, texture, customizing possibilities, and their durability.                                                              

    • 3-D Printed Keycaps
      With the introduction of 3-D printers it has become relatively easy to make a keycap in the shape and color of your choice. You just need to have some practice and easy access to a 3-D printer. You can create colored keycaps, or normal keycaps in unique shapes and textures.
    • Hand-molded Keycaps
      These are keycaps that are relatively unique, expensive, and highly sought-after because of their distinctive construction form and design. The process of making these keycaps begins with a clay mold moving onto a silicone mold, this mold is further cast with resin. This method is extremely time-consuming and fetches a lot of money from the artists who create these keycaps.                                                                                                            
    • Double-shot keycaps
      Double-shot keycaps are manufactured from a more complex process by injection molding two separate plastics. They are produced this way for the lighting to shine through. These kinds of keycaps are available in both ABS and PBT plastics.                                                                  

    Choosing the right keycap profile for gaming
    Have you ever thought of how to choose the right keycap profile? You always tend to look for the kind of keyboard with comfortable and easily usable keycaps. Well, the Cherry style of keycaps is the best for gaming purposes. These are sculpted profiles specially made comfortable to press for games. 

    These are some features and facts about keycaps. Keycaps are the face of the keyboard and are responsible for the touch, sound, feel, and overall experience.

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  • Comparison between reusable match or lighter

    While plastic lighters are commonly found in most stores and used generally by people, the effects it has on our planet has become prominent in the past decade. To combat such issues while also fulfilling the need for a tool to light fire, reusable match lighters were introduced. Let us see why opting for a reusable lighter is better.

    Effects of plastic gas lighters
    The disposable plastic lighters can only be used until the fuel in them lasts after, which they are thrown away. The wastage created can last in the ecosystem for decades. You will usually find these disposable lighters thrown away on the streets, the ocean, or in some garbage landfill. The ones that end up in the ocean get accidentally eaten by seabirds, as the birds mistake the plastic for food. Since birds cannot digest this plastic, it stays in their stomach and prevents them from eating, leading to death from starvation. The pieces can also cause internal bleeding, damaging the bird’s internal organs. Almost 90% of seabirds have consumed plastic.

    Effects of disposable wooden matches
    Wooden matches are the traditional form of match lighters that have been used for a long time. These are biodegradable and do not generate any more waste once used. However, producing these wooden matches causes other environmental problems.

    The Aspen tree is one of the most common trees used to produce matches. Around a million matches can be made by cutting down a single aspen tree. Although this number sounds high, it is less compared to the average number of matches used. In the country, approximately 500 billion matches are lighted every year. This means around 500,000 aspen trees get cut every year to make matches. Naturally, the number of trees cut down is going to be much higher if we consider matches used in the entire world.

    Significance of reusable match lighters
    Reusable match lighters feature a rechargeable battery, so they just need electricity to work. Due to this design, these lighters can be used 200-300 times before needing to be recharged. You just need a USB cable to recharge a reusable match lighter. Hence, they are much more beneficial and long-lasting compared to wooden or plastic lighters. You can also opt for refillable gas lighters, as they can be durable and not cause much harm to the environment. Refillable lighters are usually made of brass. Thus, they can last for decades.

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  • A guide on reusable match lighters

    Reusable match lighters are an important part of most survival kits. As the name suggests, this device is a newer counterpart of the traditional matches. Unlike wooden matches, these reusable or permanent match lighters can be used for a long time. Let us understand how they function and why it is a good idea to invest in them.

    How reusable match lighters work?

    The reusable match lighters work by creating a spark when the rod is scratched against the flint. This flint is present on the side of the match case. The tool works well, and the flame created can easily be extinguished by putting the strike back into its shell.

    These matches consist of a magnesium core or flint to light up a spark along with a small amount of kerosene so that the fire lasts longer. You can even find rechargeable matches, which consist of a small battery and plasm that help create the spark. If you do not have oil or fuel handy, recharge lighters can be ideal for you.

    Why use reusable match lighters?

    Several factors have caused people to invest in permanent or reusable match lighters. Some of these include the following.

    • Convenient to carry
      The matches are usually small in size and can be easily carried in the pocket. Some of these also come with a keychain that you can hang on your backpack. Although matches that require cotton wick and kerosene can light in most weather conditions, they might drip. Hence, make sure the lighters you carry are leak-proof and avoid stains, drips, or fire hazards.
    • Useful in various situations
      Match lighters are usually designed in a manner that they can be used in most weather conditions. This is because they usually contain some kind of fuel, and the tool itself is encased in a water-resistant holder, only igniting when unsheathed.
    • Offer options for fuel
      Several reusable match lighters are filled with some kind of fuel, which can be refilled; so, they last longer. However, you can also choose electric lighters that work on batteries if you do not want to work with a fuel-based permanent match. The electric ones are simple and safe in design. They can last longer, as they only need to be recharged.
    • Magnesium strike core
      Most of these reusable match lighters consist of a magnesium strike core. This means that you can strike the lighter thousands of times before it gives out. Once it does, all you need to do is refill the fuel, and the match will work like normal.
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  • 4 best reusable match lighters

    Matches have been used by humans for decades now, and we have come up with different kinds of lighters and matches during this time. Although matches were traditionally made of wood, reusable match lighters have recently gained popularity, as they are reusable and can last for a longer time. Here is a list of some of the best reusable match lighters you can buy.

    • OPG3 Emergency Camping Fire Starter Permanent Match, Waterproof Firestarter Set
      This is a high-quality, durable match that is ideal for any daily or emergency use. It is small, lightweight, and can be used conveniently. The tool is water-resistant and can work when wet or cold. You can just hang it through a keyring or on your backpack and take it during a hiking or camping trip. The match lighter can be refilled and reused more than a thousand times. This beautifully designed match lighter can be a good choice for a gift to a friend or loved one.
    • Survival Life Everstryke Match
      Made using stainless steel, the match can be used over 15,000 times, which means the chances of you needing to replace it is slim. Each strike of the Ferro rod, which acts as the match, lights at 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and the flame it creates stays around 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The match is lightweight and durable, and it can be ideal for any survival kit.
    • HUOWA Keychain Flint Metal Matchstick Fire Starter
      This metal reusable match lighter comes in the form of a keychain and can be used for a long period. It sports a unique design, is small in size, and can be easily carried for any trip or daily use. It consists of a good-quality magnesium core striker. The reusable match can be used even after it gets wet or cold. The tool is affordable and can be refilled.
    • Utiliter Permanent Metal Match Keychain Lighter Forever Waterproof Match EDC Emergency Survival Fire Starter, Reusable Matches
      This simple and elegant reusable match lighter is water-resistant and consists of a magnesium core striker. So, the lighter can offer up to 15,000 strikes before the fuel gets over. The tool can be conveniently carried in your pocket or backpack. Hence, it is ideal for any camping, hiking, or scouting trip. The sleek lighter can also be given to a loved one as a gift.

    You can analyze the offerings of all these products carefully and make an informed purchase decision.

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  • Tips for buying a safety harness kit

    Following a study conducted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, falls account for approximately 39.2 percent of the construction industry’s occupational deaths. With the use of a suitable harness safety kit, these deaths can be prevented. Usually, falls occur into holes on floors, from the overhead platform, or at elevated workstations. Given the importance of a harness safety kit, it is essential to read the buying guide below before you shop for it.  


    When shopping for a harness safety kit, the first thing you need to consider is the purpose for which you need the harness. It is indeed one of the most straightforward aspects of the purchasing process because the job is usually specific. Typically, the harness safety kit is required for jobs such as tree care, tower climbing, construction site, or cleaning at a height. After your application is narrowed down, decide what kind of job you are doing that requires specialized equipment, such as rope access, rescue, and welding. These two factors will determine the type of harness you need. 

    When it comes to buying safety harness kits, there is no one-size-fits-all concept. The harness can indeed be adjusted to an extent, but not to the point that a size small or big enough can encompass every body type. Although this may seem like common sense to you, we have seen companies that order harness kits in one size for all their employees. If the harness is not a snug fit, the person wearing it is completely unprotected. However, bear in mind that the harness should be a snug fit but must not be too tight. The chest straps should sit at the chest and not the stomach, D-rings must sit between the shoulder blades, and you should comfortably be able to slide a flat hand (and not a fist) between the leg and the leg strap.  

    Check the padding
    Safety harness kits comprise a few straps that will come in contact with sensitive body parts. Thus, padding is a vital factor of consideration. Having cushioned legs, hips, and shoulder straps will ensure minimum pressure. A well-padded strap will enable the worker to work more comfortably and for a longer duration. In the event of a fall, the padded strap will conveniently adapt the shock and distribute the weight. Padding can be either removable or built-in, as per your need. 

    Stitching quality
    The kit’s stitching quality directly determines its durability. You must opt for a harness that has double box stitching. This is the kind that will assure maximum strength to accommodate your weight. It also accentuates durability as the sewn-in quality will last longer. 

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  • Potential issues of using a safety harness kit

    When you hand over a few things, such as safety glasses or a pair of boots, they can use them properly. However, your fall protection harness safety kit is certainly not one of those things. To an amateur or an untrained eye, the harness safety kit may seem like a jumble of buckles and straps without any semblance of reason. This makes the harness ineffective and may injure or hurt the wearer. 

    Here are some instances wherein a harness safety kit can cause hurt or injury:

    Improper fit
    When the safety harness kit is not adjusted for a snug fit, its efficiency is null. It is almost equivalent to wearing no harness at all. A snug fit is vital on both the upper and the lower sections. If you slip loose from the harness while working at an elevation, you may find yourself in a dangerous situation, which may demand an immediate rescue. Organ damage, traumatic injury, or a neurological injury might occur in only a few minutes of prolonged suspension in some cases. Weight limits vary from one model to another, but the typical range is between 130-310 pounds. The weight includes the worker’s clothing, the harness itself, and any tools the worker will use while working with the harness. For obvious reasons, you must not exceed the weight limits, and the body harnesses must never be used for lifting equipment or materials. 

    Wrong D-ring position
    The harnesses were not thrown together haphazardly using some straps lying loose on a manufacturing floor. These have been carefully engineered by certified professionals who ensure that the body’s force in the event of the fall is distributed across the body to ensure that the fall is safely arrested. If you do not wear the harness right, it will not provide equal force distribution. As a result, you will even up hurting yourself. So, if the D-ring is wrongly positioned, it is a clear sign that you are not wearing your harness correctly. Hence, anytime you wear the harness safety kit, make your partner examine it to ensure that the D-ring is situated precisely halfway between the shoulder blades. It does not mean that it can land up just anywhere on the back; rather, it should be on the back’s center at the shoulder blade height.

    Although the harness safety kit does not come with an expiration date, you can tell when it needs to be replaced. If the harness has been used for more than five years and starts showing wear-and-tear signs, you need to replace it. When a harness has exceeded its life, it may lead to equipment failure.  

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  • 6 benefits of using safety harness kits

    Following a study conducted by the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the biggest reason for workers getting injured is falling at the workplace. At times, these injuries may level lead to death. However, with a proper harness safety kit, injuries and deaths can be prevented. If a worker’s job demands him to work at the height of six feet or over, they must use a harness safety kit.

    Caters to the workplace requirements
    Even though every workplace does not demand the use of a safety harness, many in the commercial and the industrial sector mandate their utilization. A safety harness kit is vital for employee safety and insurance. It is more like those steep-toed boots where use is essential for your job in a workplace. 

    Guards you in the event of a fall
    A harness safety kit will affix you to a stable place. So, even if you take a tumble, you will not hurt yourself when hitting the ground. Hence, if you are required to work at a height of more than six feet, you should wear a safety harness. 

    Comfort during work
    Many people despise the idea of wearing a safety harness. They believe it will not be comfortable. However, that is far from the truth. Some good and recognized brands offer premium harnesses that incorporate padding all across the harness. More so, you can have your harness engineered with comfortable fabrics. Some harnesses never cause any unnecessary stress to your body. These comfortable harnesses are essential for workers who are supposed to wear them for longer periods. 

    Approved and standardized
    Your safety harness kit is governed by responsible bodies that deal with safety and health. They give out a list of standards that are to be met by any company that makes these harness safety kits, especially in terms of construction and performance. So, as a wearer, you always have trust in the harness as you are sure that it meets certain parameters. 

    No expiry date
    A safety gear comes with an expiration date. You can only use it for some time, and post that you will have to replace it. Such is not the case with the safety harness. You can use your harness until it is no longer functional. So, as long as you begin to see some wear-and-tear, you can go on using it.

    Guards your joints
    Harnesses are designed to do a lot more than just preventing you from hitting the ground. With its padded straps around the shoulders, legs, or hips, these kits use the velocity of the fall and force exerted by your weight and spread it throughout the body. This protects your shoulders and hips from bearing the brunt of the fall or impact. 

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  • Primary religious items for Buddhist rituals

    Buddhist rituals and activities involve the use of various items, each with a special meaning. These objects are sacred and usually engraved with designs and carvings. Let us look at some of the best religious items of Buddhism and their significance.

    This highly religious item is used alongside prayer bells in most Buddhist prayers and rituals. The Vajra is also known as a “thunderbolt” and symbolizes strong spiritual power. A Vajra is made of sacred elements like gold and silver, and other materials like fragrant wood, iron, and copper. Vajras can have three, five, or nine spokes. This ornately designed religious item is held in the right hand, while the bell is kept in the left hand.

    Prayer bells
    It is one of the best religious items of Buddhism and can be used in every Buddhist ritual. Used most often with a Vajra, the two together represent the male and female aspects. The bell is normally made of copper, its mouth in the shape of a bell, and the handle made similar to half Vajra. Many designs are engraved on its surface. Prayer bells are also used as a musical instrument during Buddhist rituals.

    Buddhist right-turning conch shell
    This beautifully crafted item is made in the form of a snail shell, with Buddhist designs adorning its surface. It is also among the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism. The conch shell is used in Buddhist rituals to bring peace and spread the Buddha’s teachings to the people by awakening them from their ignorance. It is generally painted in white or other light colors.

    Tibetan drum
    It is a two-headed drum built in different ways. Some types of Tibetan drums include the skull drum, the curved-hammer drum, and the bronze drum among others. The drum is played during festivals and Buddhist ceremonies.

    Prayer beads
    One of the best religious items in Buddhism, a chain of prayer beads is commonly used while meditating. A prayer bead normally consists of 108 beads on a string, with one guru bead. These prayer beads are made of different materials, from stones to wood.

    Ghau box
    It is a small-size prayer box or amulet, usually made of metals like gold, silver, or copper. It is engraved with various designs and sometimes inlaid with gemstones. A statue or scripture of the Buddha is placed inside the box and it is used to ward off evil spirits and keep your loved ones safe.

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  • Main religious items used at a catholic mass

    Several items are used at a Church during a Catholic mass. These items are sanctified, and those that are used for the Holy Body and the Holy Blood of God are made of gold or gold-plated silver. To understand Catholicism, you need to know about the components used during prayers. Some of the most popular and best religious items used are discussed herein:

    Four books are used in general, which include the Books of Gospel, Lectionary, Hymnal or Missalette, and Sacramentary. Each book serves a different purpose and is used at separate points during the mass.

    Also one of the best religious items used at mass, the chalice is a sacred glass used to hold the wine that is known as the Blood of the Lord. It is only touched by the clergy during the prayer ceremony.

    A white linen cloth embroidered or marked with a cross, the purificator is used to cleanse the chalice.

    It is a shallow saucer-like disk made from the same material, as the chalice and only touched by the clergy. The paten holds the bread or the Body of the Lord. The Bishop consecrates both chalices and patens.

    During the mass, a white linen cloth will have the Paten and Chalice on it. This cloth is known as corporal. It is ironed in a predetermined manner; so, the cloth can be unfolded into nine equal squares.

    A bigger chalice covered by a lid with a cross at the top, a ciborium serves multiple purposes. It is used to hold the Body of Christ during which a white silk veil covers it. Ciborium also reserves the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle.

    Also known as Censer, this religious item is used to incense the wine and bread after the offertory, altar, Priest, and the congregation during solemn occasions.

    Processional Crucifix
    It is a crucifix on a rigid staff that is carried by hand. It is held while entering the Church for Mass and exiting later, in front of Liturgical processions, before gifts are brought up to the altar, and for other solemn occasions. It is placed on the altar at all other times.

    It is a white-colored stiff cover placed over the Paten when it is kept on the chalice. It pall prevents any foreign particle from falling into the chalice.

    Communion cups
    These items are similar to a Chalice and utilized when people receive from the cup during communion. Communion cups are kept on the Credence Table and brought to the Altar only during the communion.

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  • Top 8 manufacturers of religious items

    When it comes to religious ceremonies, people are bound to use certain items during their prayers, regardless of which religion they follow. People might buy these products for personal use or gift them to their loved ones. Let us take a look at some of the best religious items manufacturers that you can purchase from.

    Hy-Grade Metal Products Corp, New York
    They offer customized manufacturing of religious items made from aluminum alloys, stainless steel alloys, hot and cold-rolled steel, silver, gold, titanium, brass, copper, and exotic metals, among others.

    Religion Universe Import Export Inc., Florida
    The company provides a grand selection of some of the best religious items like candles, religious statues, and incense sticks.

    Kingdom Bizzness LLC, Texas
    They create cards that spread the word of the Lord, which you can purchase for your loved ones. The cards are adorned with messages that will provide them with encouragement, support, and comfort during trying times.

    LifeWay, Tennessee
    Founded in the year 1891, LifeWay is a distributor of various religious items like flags, cards, and Bibles. It also offers Christian books and music.

    Continental Candle Co., California
    As the name suggests, the company specializes in producing candles of various types, such as candle lamps, pixie candles, 50-hour burn candles, citronella candles, scented candles, and many others. It also manufactures items like candelabra, candles in glass, and candle holders.

    Empire Metal Polishing & Refinishing Corp., Illinois

    The company manufactures many religious items like an altar and sanctuary bells, censers and boats, processional crucifix, missal stands, candle burners, candelabras, bobeches, ambries, credence tables, baptismal fonts, and accessories, such as holy water dispensers, hymn boards, sanctuary lamps, tabernacles, and so on.

    Burnham & LaRoche Associates, Inc., Massachusetts
    Founded in 1895, Burnham & LaRoche has since been manufacturing religious goods like logos and signs, sandblasted and etched glass, and protective covering.

    Woerner Industries, Inc., New York
    In the year 1936, Woerner Industries was founded in Rochester located in the state of New York. The company produces religious items commonly seen in churches and other religious sanctuaries like kneelers, altars and communion, credence and offertory, confessionals, pews, pulpits and lecturns, and hymn boards, among others.

    Every company produces different types of religious goods. Churches or similar places buy these items in bulk. Individuals may purchase them in small numbers for their personal use. So, you can buy according to your needs from any of these companies.

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