• Suppliers of cotton swabs in the US

    Large cotton swabs are handy to have in the house. They have a variety of uses. For instance, they help remove makeup mishaps, clean messy manicures and electronics, and make your jewelry shine, among many other uses. If you are looking to buy large cotton swabs, here are a few suppliers that you can consider for your next purchase.

    Listed below are some reputed suppliers from which you can consider buying cotton swabs:

    Lab Pro Inc.
    Located in Sunnyvale, California, this company offers various products in the “Swabs and Applicators” category. Some of these items include cotton-tipped swabs, ESD safe swabs, foam-tipped swabs, and polyester-tipped swabs. You can buy products from this company through its online portal from the comfort of your home. If you need assistance, you can contact them via phone and send them an email at info@labproinc.com. With its existence since 1979, this organization has earned a reputation for providing high-quality products.

    Sun Medical Supplies
    Situated in Redlands, California, Sun Medical Supplies will provide you with cost-effective quality solutions for all your home healthcare requirements. It has been in existence since 2003. It is a distributor of cotton swab sticks that help to clean and moisten the oral cavity effectively. Apart from large cotton swabs, you can consider shopping for other products, such as manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, walking aids, and COVID-19 supplies from the company’s website. If you plan to contact the company, note that its working hours are from 9am to 6pm from Monday to Friday. On Saturday, its hours of operations are from 10am to 3pm. The company is closed on Sunday. You can contact them on the number given on the website.

    Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc.
    This renowned company is a pioneer in baby care research. It offers several baby care products, such as wipes, powder, oil, nursing pads, lotion, cologne, and cotton swabs. The cotton swabs from this company have expertly designed tips, which ensure safety while cleaning the delicate area near the baby’s ears. Thus, the company has branded these items as Johnson’s Safety Swabs. You can buy a pack online at e-commerce portals, such as Amazon and Walgreens. The cost ranges between USD 4 and USD 5 for 185 counts. Made from 100% non-chlorine-bleached and pure cotton, you can use these swabs for your baby after a bath to remove visible wax and dirt.

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  • Top electronic translation devices for international travelers

    Traveling abroad can be quite an exciting experience. You learn about different tourist attractions, cuisine, and culture. However, if you visit a country where English is not the first language, you might face language-related barriers. However, with the help of language translation devices, you can overcome this challenge without any difficulty.

    Best electronic language translator devices to consider
    Here is a list of a few language translation devices that you can consider buying depending on the country you are planning to visit for a holiday or business trip.

    • Langogo Genesis Pocket AI Translator
      If you are planning to visit Russia anytime soon and are concerned about how you will get acquainted with the language, the Langogo Pocket AI Translator is an ideal solution. It is considered to be the go-to device to help translate the Russian language. This device also serves as a trustworthy travel companion, from helping you tackle cross-language obstacles to acting as a mobile hotspot. It is powered by 24 world-leading translation engines.The electronic tool offers details regarding weather forecasts, places to visit, hotels to stay, and foreign exchange rates. This translation device is capable of recording a single speech for up to four hours and shows the transcription instantly on the screen. So, if you are in a meeting, you can focus without worrying about the language barrier. You can buy this device online at an approximate cost of USD 213.
    • Buoth T9 Real-Time Translation Device
      Communicating in French can become hassle-free using this translation device. Apart from offering the feature of voice translations, the Buoth T9 Real-Time Translation Device can translate words with ease. Its camera provides seamless translation of photos and supports 44 languages. On this device, whatever you speak gets translated on the 2.4-inch screen. So, you can learn French easily. Moreover, you can use this device to record and save words or phrases. Audio recordings in English can be translated into different languages as per your requirements. This device can precisely input language in a noisy environment, ensuring quicker recognition and more accuracy. It is available online at around USD 104.
    • Pocketalk Language Translator Device
      This translation device enables you to communicate efficiently during your stay in Japan. It offers you end-to-end support in activities like shopping and dining, among others. This sleek device can fit in your pocket and translate 74 languages. Its key offerings include powerful dual speakers, noise-canceling dual microphones, a big touchscreen, and Bluetooth. Its online cost is approximately USD 100 across different e-commerce platforms.
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  • Top translation devices for small business owners

    As a small business owner, you may have to travel to different countries to build and expand your company. However, effective communication plays a crucial role in the growth of your business overseas. You need to be fluent while speaking with stakeholders, customers, suppliers, or any other parties in countries where English is not the first language. This is when a language translation device proves to be useful.

    Best translation devices to consider
    An advanced translation device will help you tackle language-related obstacles during your next business trip. Here, we have listed a few devices from noted companies:

    • SSK Smart Language Translator Device
      This device supports 86 languages by integrating the leading translation engines, like Baidu, IFLYTEK, Microsoft, and Google. It has attractive features, such as a long battery runtime and dependable and quick translation accuracy. Moreover, the translation device comes at an affordable price, offering value for money. It also features photo recognition. It comes with a language translator app, which you can use from your iOS or Android smartphone.
    • Aibecy Smart Language Voice Translator Device
      This device supports 42 languages and has a powerful battery capacity of 1500 mAH. It translates via text or audio and can function continuously for seven hours on average. Also, it can be on standby for 36 days.
    • Salange Sogou Pro Smart Voice Language Translator
      It is a two-way translator and helps in translating Arabic to English, English to Arabic, French to Arabic, and Arabic to French through the offline mode and supports 42 languages. So, you can learn different languages. Its 3.1-inch touchscreen menu is in English. You can easily connect this device to Wi-Fi. Apart from French and Arabic, the other languages that this device supports include Persian, Greek, Czech, German, Thai, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, and Polish.
    • OXSII Handheld Pocket Smart Voice Translator Device
      This handheld, smart voice translator can translate more than 33 languages, such as Japanese, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese, to English. It features an 800 mAH rechargeable battery. It can function for a long time, making it a suitable tool for business translation, shopping overseas, global traveling, and language learning.
    • Weikin Portable Language Translation Device
      This device has a 1200 mAH battery, which can constantly work for approximately ten hours. Additionally, it can remain on standby for eight days. The translation tool can function as a Wi-Fi hotspot for other electronic devices with a 4G SIM.
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  • Translation devices – Benefits and how to choose one

    A language translation device can be a valuable tool when traveling to a country where English is not the most commonly spoken language. It helps to understand and learn the required language, so you do not face any problems while communicating with the locals. Such a device has many benefits. Read on to know more.

    Benefits of translation devices
    A language translation device can be a boon when you visit foreign countries and find it challenging to communicate with people. The device is easy to set up; just press the record button on the device before starting a conversation. It has two record buttons marked for both foreign and native languages. So, you can simultaneously translate two languages. Additionally, the translation speed is quick. So, you need not wait for a few seconds whenever you talk. A well-designed translation device ensures that conversations continue smoothly.

    Factors to consider while purchasing a device
    With numerous options available in the market, getting your hands on a suitable translation device may be a daunting task. Here are a few aspects to consider while making your purchase:

    • Quality of translation
      Translation quality is important when selecting a device. Once you are content with the quality, consider the number of languages it can translate.
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) support
      The tool has to know which translation is precise and which is not. This can be done with an AI that is trained to pick up on accurate and unclear translations and determine the correct wordings to use. Hence, it is advisable to choose an AI-powered translation device for the best results.
    • Type
      Translation devices are of two kinds: app-assisted and stand-alone. Both of these play the same role. That said, app-assisted work only when a particular smartphone app is running. However, a stand-alone device can translate independently without requiring a smartphone and an app. So, think about the pros and cons of both types and decide accordingly.
    • Battery
      Well, you do not want your battery to drain out during a conversation. A battery capacity of 2500 mAH or more can come in handy.
    • Ease of use
      The device should be simple to use. Opt for one that has your native language as the system language. This will ensure that you have all the settings and menus in your preferred language.
    • Voice commands
      A device with voice commands can be quite helpful. You can translate by stating a command like “choose English to Spanish,” and it will do what you ask.
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  • Types of safety and security signs

    A safety or security sign is a graphical representation of hazards and mandatory behavior/actions to avoid them. You would have come across several types of these signs at your workplace, restaurant, shopping mall, or any other public place. Not all signs are made the same; each one has a particular purpose and conveys a specific message. This article lists some of the common types of safety and security signs.

    • Prohibition signs
      As the name suggests, these signs are used to prohibit people from doing something or entering a particular area. In most cases, these signs constitute a red circle with a diagonal line through it. The “No Smoking” sign is one of the most common examples of a prohibition sign.
    • Emergency signs
      These safety and security signs come in handy during an emergency as they indicate emergency exits, escape routes, first aid equipment, or other safety equipment. Under a situation like a fire in a building, residents can find their way to emergency-related facilities or evacuate the area using fire exits and fire doors with the help of these signs.
    • Danger signs
      In certain industrial areas, not taking proper precautions can lead to life-threatening repercussions. Danger signs are used to represent potentially hazardous areas or conditions. The “RESTRICTED AREA” and “HIGH VOLTAGE” signs are some of the most commonly used danger signs that keep people away from potential hazards and prevent mishaps.
    • Notice signs
      These safety and security signs mandate a particular behavior and are generally blue in color, with the text/symbol mentioned in a white foreground. They can be used to deter theft and inform workers of the policies at a construction site, communicate product safety information, or inform people that they are subject to a security check before entering the premises, among other things.
    • Warning signs
      Warning signs are used in cases where a hazardous condition can be dangerous but not life-threatening. They are represented mostly with yellow color and a hazard symbol, or they may come with an orange rectangle and black letters on it. They can be used to warn people of high voltage areas, electrical hazards, or risks at construction sites. These safety signs are also used to indicate hazards that can lead to health complications.

    You can also get customized safety and security signs designed for your workplace, but ensure that the message is concise and clear, install it correctly for effective communication, and ensure that the employees understand what a symbol means.

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  • The importance of safety and security signs at a workplace

    Workplace mishaps can be hazardous, and employees’ safety is an employer’s responsibility as per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) norms. Safety and security signs are an easy but effective way of keeping employees aware of the various hazards that can occur at the workplace and how to avoid them. Here are three primary reasons why a workplace should have safety signs.

    Educational purposes
    When an employee is aware of a potential hazard, they will take conscious steps to keep away. Safety and security signs act as the first point of interaction through which new employees get acquainted with the workplace and areas that can be potentially dangerous. If your workplace has new employees joining every now and then, safety signs can also act as an on-boarding element.

    Adherence to legalities
    The law requires every workplace to have safety and security signs at places that pose a risk to employees’ safety. These signs should be clear, legible, strategically placed so that they are easily visible, and well-maintained. OSHA violations can lead to regulatory and legal repercussions, including the following:

    • Notice
      OSHA inspectors may send notices to warn companies that are not compliant with mandatory signage and environmental control regulations
    • Fines
      Heavy fines can be imposed on companies that are found to be seriously violating the laws
    • Revoked license
      A company can have its license revoked and its business shut down if found to be repeatedly and willfully violate OSHA, ANSI, and other regulatory agents’ mandates
    • Criminal prosecution
      This is the most extreme OSHA penalty and is charged when an employer is considered to have willfully neglected safety standards, leading to a worker’s death

    Preventive measure
    Safety and security signs can act as a preventive measure at workplaces with hazardous areas and dangerous chemicals’ usage. These signs advise workers to take action to avoid a particular risk. For example, a sign can advise workers to wear safety goggles to dodge flying chips or wear gloves to prevent the skin from coming in contact with harmful chemicals. Some signs are used to convey that a particular area has restricted access (only for employees). Such signs are meant to keep customers from entering areas with equipment or machinery.

    The importance of safety and security signs cannot be understated, and they should be considered an important part of an organization’s safety program. Complying with OSHA and ANSI signage standards also helps your business communicate its value for the employees, supporting safe and secure jobs.

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  • 5 tips to use safety and security signs effectively

    Safety and security signs are a simple yet effective method of warning people about a mandate, danger, or risk. They are essential parts of a safety program at a workplace, but incorrect usage can make them ineffective. So, you need to design and install them correctly to ensure that the intended message is conveyed at the very first glance. Keep these tips in mind to use safety and security signs effectively:

    • Take an overview of your setting
      Whether you’re getting a safety or security sign constructed for your workplace or home, account for all the potential risks and hazards. You can also consult other members or colleagues to help identify hazards that are unexpected or not obvious.
    • Place the signs at the right place
      Safety and security signs should be placed at the appropriate places so that they are clearly visible and easily draw attention. For instance, a sign should be kept at a safe distance from the hazard where everyone can see it. You should also ensure that the sign is not obstructed in any way and use reflective tape to ensure that it can be seen in low-light conditions.
    • Use easily recognizable graphics
      A safety or security sign should be represented in such a manner that it is recognizable and understood at a glance. The language and diagrams used on a sign should also be easily interpreted by everyone. Pictographs that graphically warn people of dangers should be used on these signs, and you can also take steps to ensure that all workers understand their meaning.
    • Ensure that the messages are clear
      A safety or security sign should put forth the intended message clearly. A sign should state the action that needs to be taken, like “Keep Clear” or “Do Not Operate.” Additionally, it should use precise language and a vivid image to communicate the message.
    • Conduct a mock drill
      While a well-designed and strategically placed sign is enough to communicate the message, it is advisable to assemble the workplace staff and conduct a brief mock drill to explain what each safety or security sign intends to convey. You can also guide them on what precautions they should take to avoid any hazards.

    These tips can be used as a ready reference while getting and installing safety and security signs. While these signs do not remove the risk, they help minimize it and provide advice on the steps to be taken.

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  • Common signboarding mistakes to avoid

    Policy sign boards are vital to every workplace. They can help draw attention to essential information regarding your products or programs, curtail unsafe behavior, and remind employees and workers about the prevalent hazards. However, when you install policy signboards in a workplace, you may tend to make a few common mistakes. These can lower the signboards’ efficiency and put them at risk of being ignored. Some of these errors may include:  

    Contrast-related issues

    You may not have gone to art school, but this is something you sure do remember from your primary school. There exist contrasting colors and complementary colors. You must make sure that the letters on the signboards contrast with the surface on which they are produced. So pick a color that is clearly visible against the background color without looking flashy or gaudy. Poor color contrast will fail to catch people’s attention.

    Ill-lit signages

    If your business stays open in the evenings or has a decent flow of passers-by during nighttime, then poorly lit signages can result in potential customers failing to pay heed to your message. Hence, it is crucial to ensure that you pick well-lit signs for your message to be clearly seen. Make sure that your customers or employees can easily spot the signboard at any time, especially at night.

    Vague messages

    Another mistake that you can make is putting up signs that do not clearly communicate the intended message. Messages that use jargon or are vague might not be easy to comprehend. 

    Make sure that you put up your message in a way that your employees or clients are able to comprehend it. Ensure that it properly communicates the essential information and is easy to understand. 

    Poor positioning

    Your policy signboard needs to be positioned accurately. You may have a fantastic design, but it will go unnoticed if the location is not ideal. Perform site surveys to examine the most appropriate location for your sign. After the signs are printed and designed, they need to be installed in a place where they can be clearly seen and can get the most number of eyeballs.

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  • 4 things to know about reclaimed wooden furniture

    It is important to respect the origin and unique characteristics of natural wood when you think of buying any kind of reclaimed wooden furniture. Reclaimed wooden furniture is in itself a lifestyle statement. It is something to be treasured for its raw beauty and value. 

    Reclaimed wood table legs, sleek dining tables, and other such times are some of the best ways to beautify and decorate your home. Here are a few things that you should know about reclaimed wooden furniture:

    New and old make a good match
    Don’t hesitate to try reclaimed wooden furniture, especially if you also have modern décor and furnishings in your house. Modern furniture items, interspersed with reclaimed, rustic pieces like reclaimed wood table legs, clean-lined casegoods, sleek dining tables, or simple beds not only look aesthetically pleasing but also bring warmth to the entire space.                                                                                      

    It is eco-friendly
    A huge plus of reclaimed wooden furniture is that it is eco-friendly. By choosing reclaimed furniture, you are helping the environment save itself as there is no new logging. Not only does it beautify the place, but it also prevents the need to cut more trees. Plus reclaimed wood does not usually need chemically charged paints—which have many negative impacts on the environment—to look appealing.                        

    It is different and beautiful
    Because reclaimed wood has weathered over the years, it gives a unique look that you do not usually see in newer wood. It is always better and recommended to appreciate the differences of every piece of reclaimed wood before purchasing it. Wooden grains, pitting marks, knots, small patches, mineral deposits, and small nail holes are some of the few characteristics that set reclaimed wooden furniture apart.            

    It is full of character
    Old wood is strong and durable. Reclaimed wooden furniture has character, and it cannot be imitated. Furniture made from reclaimed wood becomes the topic of conversation wherever it is placed. 


    These are some things to know about reclaimed wood furniture. It has natural coloring and doesn’t conform to any specific design. 

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  • 4 benefits of using reclaimed wooden furniture

    Reclaimed wood is the wood that has been used before for other purposes. It is then deconstructed and repurposed for other uses. Barns, boxcars, ships, homes, railroad ties, pallets, etc., are some sources of reclaimed wood. Utilizing reclaimed wood as an ancient unique piece of décor at home is fast becoming a home renovation trend. Right from reclaimed wood table legs to sophisticated simple beds, you must know the advantages of reclaimed wood furniture. Here are a few benefits of using reclaimed wood furniture:

    Conversation-starting history
    Reclaimed wood has a natural process of coloring. As it ages, it may bring out natural hints of red, dark-rustic brown, deep yellow, and even cream. Due to this, you can be sure of its long history. 

    Strength and quality
    Reclaimed wood is a lot harder and sturdier than other wood types, as it comes from old-growth trees instead of first-generation forests.                 

    Timeless appeal
    With its interesting extraction sources, reclaimed wood boasts some really impressive patterns and deep, rich colors. Reclaimed wood can be found from a variety of sources. These sources are usually vintage, giving your wood a timeless appeal. Because reclaimed wood goes through wear and tear, it often gives a rugged look that fresh or newer wood is not capable of achieving. Every piece is unique and different from the other. There are different cuts, knobs, nail holes, and other uniquely different characteristics that make it a perfectly classic fit.         

    Environment-friendly characteristics
    Reclaimed wood is eco-friendly. By using reclaimed wood, you prevent the cutting of more trees by simply revitalizing what has already been harvested.        

    A variety of furniture items can be made out of reclaimed wood, such as reclaimed wood table legs, dining tables, almirahs, beds, living room décor, trunk chests, sideboards, etc. If you are planning to renovate your home, then having some reclaimed wood furniture can make it look truly elegant.

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