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  • 6 benefits of using safety harness kits

    Following a study conducted by the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the biggest reason for workers getting injured is falling at the workplace. At times, these injuries may level lead to death. However, with a proper harness safety kit, injuries and deaths can be prevented. If a worker’s job demands him to work at the height of six feet or over, they must use a harness safety kit.

    Caters to the workplace requirements
    Even though every workplace does not demand the use of a safety harness, many in the commercial and the industrial sector mandate their utilization. A safety harness kit is vital for employee safety and insurance. It is more like those steep-toed boots where use is essential for your job in a workplace. 

    Guards you in the event of a fall
    A harness safety kit will affix you to a stable place. So, even if you take a tumble, you will not hurt yourself when hitting the ground. Hence, if you are required to work at a height of more than six feet, you should wear a safety harness. 

    Comfort during work
    Many people despise the idea of wearing a safety harness. They believe it will not be comfortable. However, that is far from the truth. Some good and recognized brands offer premium harnesses that incorporate padding all across the harness. More so, you can have your harness engineered with comfortable fabrics. Some harnesses never cause any unnecessary stress to your body. These comfortable harnesses are essential for workers who are supposed to wear them for longer periods. 

    Approved and standardized
    Your safety harness kit is governed by responsible bodies that deal with safety and health. They give out a list of standards that are to be met by any company that makes these harness safety kits, especially in terms of construction and performance. So, as a wearer, you always have trust in the harness as you are sure that it meets certain parameters. 

    No expiry date
    A safety gear comes with an expiration date. You can only use it for some time, and post that you will have to replace it. Such is not the case with the safety harness. You can use your harness until it is no longer functional. So, as long as you begin to see some wear-and-tear, you can go on using it.

    Guards your joints
    Harnesses are designed to do a lot more than just preventing you from hitting the ground. With its padded straps around the shoulders, legs, or hips, these kits use the velocity of the fall and force exerted by your weight and spread it throughout the body. This protects your shoulders and hips from bearing the brunt of the fall or impact. 

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  • Primary religious items for Buddhist rituals

    Buddhist rituals and activities involve the use of various items, each with a special meaning. These objects are sacred and usually engraved with designs and carvings. Let us look at some of the best religious items of Buddhism and their significance.

    This highly religious item is used alongside prayer bells in most Buddhist prayers and rituals. The Vajra is also known as a “thunderbolt” and symbolizes strong spiritual power. A Vajra is made of sacred elements like gold and silver, and other materials like fragrant wood, iron, and copper. Vajras can have three, five, or nine spokes. This ornately designed religious item is held in the right hand, while the bell is kept in the left hand.

    Prayer bells
    It is one of the best religious items of Buddhism and can be used in every Buddhist ritual. Used most often with a Vajra, the two together represent the male and female aspects. The bell is normally made of copper, its mouth in the shape of a bell, and the handle made similar to half Vajra. Many designs are engraved on its surface. Prayer bells are also used as a musical instrument during Buddhist rituals.

    Buddhist right-turning conch shell
    This beautifully crafted item is made in the form of a snail shell, with Buddhist designs adorning its surface. It is also among the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism. The conch shell is used in Buddhist rituals to bring peace and spread the Buddha’s teachings to the people by awakening them from their ignorance. It is generally painted in white or other light colors.

    Tibetan drum
    It is a two-headed drum built in different ways. Some types of Tibetan drums include the skull drum, the curved-hammer drum, and the bronze drum among others. The drum is played during festivals and Buddhist ceremonies.

    Prayer beads
    One of the best religious items in Buddhism, a chain of prayer beads is commonly used while meditating. A prayer bead normally consists of 108 beads on a string, with one guru bead. These prayer beads are made of different materials, from stones to wood.

    Ghau box
    It is a small-size prayer box or amulet, usually made of metals like gold, silver, or copper. It is engraved with various designs and sometimes inlaid with gemstones. A statue or scripture of the Buddha is placed inside the box and it is used to ward off evil spirits and keep your loved ones safe.

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  • Main religious items used at a catholic mass

    Several items are used at a Church during a Catholic mass. These items are sanctified, and those that are used for the Holy Body and the Holy Blood of God are made of gold or gold-plated silver. To understand Catholicism, you need to know about the components used during prayers. Some of the most popular and best religious items used are discussed herein:

    Four books are used in general, which include the Books of Gospel, Lectionary, Hymnal or Missalette, and Sacramentary. Each book serves a different purpose and is used at separate points during the mass.

    Also one of the best religious items used at mass, the chalice is a sacred glass used to hold the wine that is known as the Blood of the Lord. It is only touched by the clergy during the prayer ceremony.

    A white linen cloth embroidered or marked with a cross, the purificator is used to cleanse the chalice.

    It is a shallow saucer-like disk made from the same material, as the chalice and only touched by the clergy. The paten holds the bread or the Body of the Lord. The Bishop consecrates both chalices and patens.

    During the mass, a white linen cloth will have the Paten and Chalice on it. This cloth is known as corporal. It is ironed in a predetermined manner; so, the cloth can be unfolded into nine equal squares.

    A bigger chalice covered by a lid with a cross at the top, a ciborium serves multiple purposes. It is used to hold the Body of Christ during which a white silk veil covers it. Ciborium also reserves the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle.

    Also known as Censer, this religious item is used to incense the wine and bread after the offertory, altar, Priest, and the congregation during solemn occasions.

    Processional Crucifix
    It is a crucifix on a rigid staff that is carried by hand. It is held while entering the Church for Mass and exiting later, in front of Liturgical processions, before gifts are brought up to the altar, and for other solemn occasions. It is placed on the altar at all other times.

    It is a white-colored stiff cover placed over the Paten when it is kept on the chalice. It pall prevents any foreign particle from falling into the chalice.

    Communion cups
    These items are similar to a Chalice and utilized when people receive from the cup during communion. Communion cups are kept on the Credence Table and brought to the Altar only during the communion.

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  • Top 8 manufacturers of religious items

    When it comes to religious ceremonies, people are bound to use certain items during their prayers, regardless of which religion they follow. People might buy these products for personal use or gift them to their loved ones. Let us take a look at some of the best religious items manufacturers that you can purchase from.

    Hy-Grade Metal Products Corp, New York
    They offer customized manufacturing of religious items made from aluminum alloys, stainless steel alloys, hot and cold-rolled steel, silver, gold, titanium, brass, copper, and exotic metals, among others.

    Religion Universe Import Export Inc., Florida
    The company provides a grand selection of some of the best religious items like candles, religious statues, and incense sticks.

    Kingdom Bizzness LLC, Texas
    They create cards that spread the word of the Lord, which you can purchase for your loved ones. The cards are adorned with messages that will provide them with encouragement, support, and comfort during trying times.

    LifeWay, Tennessee
    Founded in the year 1891, LifeWay is a distributor of various religious items like flags, cards, and Bibles. It also offers Christian books and music.

    Continental Candle Co., California
    As the name suggests, the company specializes in producing candles of various types, such as candle lamps, pixie candles, 50-hour burn candles, citronella candles, scented candles, and many others. It also manufactures items like candelabra, candles in glass, and candle holders.

    Empire Metal Polishing & Refinishing Corp., Illinois

    The company manufactures many religious items like an altar and sanctuary bells, censers and boats, processional crucifix, missal stands, candle burners, candelabras, bobeches, ambries, credence tables, baptismal fonts, and accessories, such as holy water dispensers, hymn boards, sanctuary lamps, tabernacles, and so on.

    Burnham & LaRoche Associates, Inc., Massachusetts
    Founded in 1895, Burnham & LaRoche has since been manufacturing religious goods like logos and signs, sandblasted and etched glass, and protective covering.

    Woerner Industries, Inc., New York
    In the year 1936, Woerner Industries was founded in Rochester located in the state of New York. The company produces religious items commonly seen in churches and other religious sanctuaries like kneelers, altars and communion, credence and offertory, confessionals, pews, pulpits and lecturns, and hymn boards, among others.

    Every company produces different types of religious goods. Churches or similar places buy these items in bulk. Individuals may purchase them in small numbers for their personal use. So, you can buy according to your needs from any of these companies.

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  • Things to know about electric cables

    Electric cables are a group of wires sheathed together to transport electrical energy between two points. These cables are of different types and use various materials, depending on the purpose. They also come in multiple colors and sizes. If you are about to work on any electrical project and are looking for the best electric cables, here are a few things you need to understand about them so that you can buy the right ones.

    Cable size
    The cable’s size is determined by the gauge of the wire within it. Electric cables are numbered in such a way that a thicker one would have a smaller wire gauge. The number of wires is also mentioned, along with the size. For example, a 10/3 cable means there are three 10-gauge wires in it. The only exception to this rule is the ground wire, which is only denoted by the letter “G.”

    The cable’s insulation color can vary depending on the wire material. The colors indicate if a cable consists of neutral, active, or earth conductors. Besides, the colors also change based on the location where the cable can be used. However, active wires are never given light blue, yellow, green, or black colors. That said, there is no standard color used across the globe.

    Voltage categories
    Electricity is measured in volts. So electric cables can be segregated by the number of volts they can conduct. The types are:

    • Low voltage
      Low voltage cables can be divided into two types: those that can carry up to 750V (used in applications and are generally covered with thermoset and thermoplastic coatings) and those that can carry up to 1,000V (used in infrastructures and public installations for industrial power installations). A few kinds of low voltage cables include armored cables, power cables, fire-resistant cables, halogen-free cables, rubber cables, solar cables, and so on.
    • Medium voltage
      These cables can carry between 1kV and 36kV of electrical energy. They are the best electric cables to carry current from electrical substations to transformer stations. A few medium voltage cables are RHZ1, HEPRZ1, MV-90, and RHVhMVh, among others.
    • High voltage
      Any electrical cable that can transport above 36kV of energy is considered a high voltage cable. They are generally used to transport electricity to electrical substations from generating power plants.

    Understanding these factors can help you select the best electric cables for your project and avoid confusion when wiring your home.

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  • 8 best electric cable manufacturers

    For any electrical project, you want to make sure the cables chosen are of the best quality. Faulty wires can cause the entire circuit to break down and can even lead to severe mishaps. If you are working on the wiring for your home, you can choose from this list of the best electric cable manufacturers. These companies have proven their worth over the years and offer some of the country’s most sought-after electric cables.

    Alpha Wire Co.
    This company is based in Elizabeth, NJ, and provides standard wires and cables along with customization options. Its products include hook-up cables, industrial cables, and other eco-friendly options. It also offers additional inspection and testing services.

    Philatron Wire & Cable
    It operates from its base in Santa Fe Springs, CA, and specializes in extra-large flexible cables that range between 1/16 and 3.75 inches and can carry 12 to 35,000 volts of electricity. Its services include the production of molded cable assemblies and manufacturing wires and cables in bulk.

    Lexco Cable Manufacturers
    Based in Norridge, Illinois, this company produces various electrical tools, such as bridge rope, independent core, galvanized and coated wire rope, aircraft cables, and structural strands.

    Lake Cable
    Another famous manufacturing company from Illinois, Lake Cable, offers various standard and customized cables for utility applications, fire alarms, thermocouples, instrumentation, communication, and broadcast. The company, based in Bensenville, also produces cable jacket colors, custom packaging, and custom printing, among other products and services.

    American Wire Group
    Based in Miami, Florida, this company offers several wires like static, grounding, and guy, and other tools, such as fiber optic cables, portable power cables, low and medium voltage cables, armored cables, transmission and distribution cables, multiplex cables, and so on.

    Belden Inc.
    One of the country’s best electric cable manufacturers, Belden Inc., produces commercial and industrial cables. Based in Richmond, Virginia, its products include audio-video, copper, fiber, multi-conductor, industrial Ethernet, data bus, and VFD cables. It also provides cabinets, switches, and network connectors, among other tools.

    LUTZE Inc.
    Based in Charlotte, NC, the company offers many different cables and wires like network cables, server cables, actuator sensor cables, electronic cables, cabinet wiring, VFD cables, and motor cables.

    EIS Wire and Cable
    Situated in the town of Hadley in Massachusetts, EIS Wire and Cable manufactures cables that serve various purposes such as refining and power generation in pulp, steel, mining, automation, solar, paper, and petrochemical industries.

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  • 6 different types of electric cables

    An electric cable consists of wires bundled together and covered in a sheathing to carry electricity. Several kinds of electrical cables are currently available in the market. Here, we look at some of these types to gain a better understanding of electric cables.

    Underground feeder (UF) cables
    In this type of cable, the wires are not wrapped individually but grouped together and embedded into a flexible material. These are some of the best electric cables to use outdoors as they are water-resistant. They can be used for lighting signboards and, as the name suggests, are usually buried in the ground.

    Multi-conductor cables
    Commonly chosen for electrical work at homes, multi-conductor or multicore cables consist of more than one individually insulated conductor. Plus, they also have another top layer of insulation for extra safety. Multi-conductor lines come in varieties such as the audio multicore cable or “snake cable.”

    Armored cables
    These cables come in steel or aluminum jackets and are incredibly durable. Hence, they are used in places where the risk of wires being damaged or pinched is high—for example, locations with rodents or the risk of fire or explosion.

    Nonmetallic sheathed cable
    Also referred to as NM cables, these have two to four wires and one bare wire for grounding. They are grouped and wrapped in a flexible plastic cover. These are one of the best electric cables used in indoor residential areas, but certain versions can also be employed underground or outdoors.

    Direct-buried cables (DBCs)
    These cables come in two kinds: bundled fiber-optic cables and specially-designed coaxial cables. DBCs can be buried underground without any insulation, sheathing, or piping. They consist of heavy rubber coverings, water-resistant wrapped thread-fortified tape, several layers of branded metal sheathing, and shock-absorbing gels. DBCs are the ideal choice for any transmission and communication work, as they can tolerate environmental factors like temperature changes and moisture.

    Coaxial cable
    This cable is generally used in data wiring; however, it has recently lost its popularity due to the introduction of HDMI wiring suited to transmit television data. The coaxial cable consists of an inner conductor covered by a round jacket. Since the line only carries a small amount of voltage, it is a safe choice for homes.

    These were some of the common types of cables used for carrying electricity. They differ based on their insulation, functions, sizes, capacity, and durability and are, hence, used for different purposes.

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  • Frequently asked questions about breast pumps

    If you give breast milk to your baby, there will be times when a breast pump comes in handy. Regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, breast pumps are medical devices utilized to relieve engorged breasts, increase or maintain a woman’s milk supply, or pull out flat or inverted nipples to let the nursing baby latch on easily. However, there are a few things that you should know before shopping for a breast pump. Let us address them. 

    Will my health insurance pay for my breast pump?

    According to the Affordable Care Act, health insurance companies are required to cover breast pumps. So, regardless of whether you shop for the best cheap breast pump or the most expensive one out there, you are covered. However, as this is a new rule, not all expecting mothers are aware of it. Nevertheless, you should know that every health insurance plan is different. So, it is best to communicate with your insurance provider and understand what all it covers. 

    Some questions that you can ask are: 

    • What are all brands of breast pumps covered?
    • What types of breast pumps are covered?
    • Will I require a doctor’s prescription?
    • Can I shop for the pump via insurance before my baby is born? 
    • Is there a need to contact a particular durable medical equipment company for the pump to be covered under insurance? 

    Typically, almost every insurance company will pay for the best cheap breast pump or any good, basic double electric pump. However, if you wish to shop for a multiuser rental pump or an upgraded version, you will have to pay some price for it.  

    What kind of breast pump do I need?

    If you wish to use a breast pump, you need to be aware of all the different kinds of breast pumps to pick the one that best caters to your needs. There are four kinds of breast pumps that you can find in the market. 

    • Manual
    • Single electric
    • Double electric
    • Hospital-grade

    You can read more about them to make an informed choice. 

    How should I clean my breast pump?
    One should clean the breast pump properly as it can get contaminated easily. FDA suggests regular disinfection and cleaning of the pump in between two uses. You must carefully read the information from the manufacturer to keep your pump clean. 

    Some steps that you can follow for cleaning are: 

    • Rinse every part which comes in contact with the breast milk in cold water immediately after pumping
    • Wash every piece separately with liquid dishwashing soap using warm water
    • Rinse every piece thoroughly with warm water for 10-15 seconds, and 
    • Let them air dry on a clean paper towel
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